• Designed Specifically for the Popular 8345 4.5 Meter Antenna
  • New Antenna Installations or Retrofits
  • Uses Standard 8345 Tripod Mount
  • Precision Jack Screws and Bearings
  • Research Concepts Rack Mount Controller
  • Remote Site and PC Control
  • Outstanding Stability and Performance


Our engineers have designed and developed a Steerable Mount to interface with a new or existing Series 8345 4.5 meter antenna system. The interface is a high stability design providing extremely accurate antenna pointing even in high wind conditions. Precision jackscrews and bearings are used to insure smooth and controlled antenna movement. The system is also designed for simple and quick installation by only two technicians.

Since 1984 SSE has produced a cost effective, three axis steerable interface for the popular Series 8345 4.5-meter satellite antenna. These systems have been designed for affordability, reliability and easy installation and maintenance. The Navigator 45-III provides complete domestic arc satellite access from any point in the U.S. with pointing accuracy and mechanical stability even where high-wind structural loading conditions are encountered. The Navigator 45-III can be installed as a turnkey new unit and is also available as bolt-on retrofit for existing Series 8345 Antennas.

The Series 8345 antenna system has long been the industry standard where 4.5-meter antennas are concerned. The reflector consists of twelve stretched steel panels attached to radial beam supports to provide a very accurate parabola. The surface tolerances inherent in the Series 8345 support both C and Ku-band in receive and TRANSMIT/UPLINK operations. Appropriate range-test information is available on request. The unique tripod mount provides a highly stable platform that supports our steerable interface.

The Navigator 45-III Steerable Mount Interface provides all the equipment to upgrade a manual – existing or new – Series 8345 to motorized capability in azimuth, elevation and feed system for true, three-axis capability. The primary components consist of motorized elevation and azimuth machine screw actuators, a precision azimuth turntable bearing, a structural load frame for antenna mounting, structural attachment plates to evenly distribute the loads from the antenna to the mount legs and foundation and high strength hardware for assembly. Other features are:

  • High strength and stiffness provide pointing accuracy even in high wind conditions.
  • Designed for new antenna installation or bolt-on retrofit to existing antennas with no field drilling,
    cutting or welding required.
  • Simple and easy installation with just two technicians.
  • Precision five-ton capacity (Joyce-Dayton) jackscrews ensure smooth and controlled azimuth and
    elevation travel.
  • 360° adjustability for initial azimuth travel; no pre-orienting necessary.
  • Galvanized and powder-coated finishes for corrosion protection.
  • Heavy-duty, 36 volt DC Motors and upgraded Controller for sustained output voltage to drive units.
  • No AC Power required at antenna site.

A popular feed system upgrade is our motorized SSE-MFS-1CKu. The feedhorn has four-port feed capability for simultaneous dual polarization operations in both C and Ku-bands. The Controller is upgraded to support the Feed System and can be programmed to provide instant backup of a failed LNB. The feed system provides for both C and Ku-band satellite access with the Controller selecting the desired – Vertical or Horizontal – polarization

SSE uses the Research Concepts Model RC2000A to provide for antenna positioning tasks. The RC2000A will program the positions of up to fifty satellites. There is also a version available that will provide tracking capability for inclined-orbit satellites in addition to the (fifty) geo-stationary satellites.

An Autopilot software package is available that can handle scheduling and receiver tuning tasks. It also features communications capability for off-site access.