In support of the new SES-6 Satellite at 40.5ºW, Superior Satellite Engineers designed a Feedhorn and LNB system that operates in “Modified” C-band Frequencies. The operating frequencies are 3.625- 4.2 GHz and 4.5-4.8 GHz for a total of 800 MHz, providing bandwidth capacity for 40 transponders. The SES-6 modified-frequencies Satellite is currently targeted for users in certain Latin American countries where the expanded 4.5-4.8 GHz bandwidth is approved for commercial operations. With more regions moving to approve this bandwidth for commercial use and the benefit of nearly doubling the transponder capacity we anticipate that more satellites will be configured with “Modified Frequencies” in the future. The Model SSE4-MF series Extended Frequency Feed System is available as a retrofit for most commercial antennas of 3.7m and larger and also available in “multi-feed” configurations. Also available through SSE as complete antenna systems in 3.7m 4.5m and 6.1m